Codex ERP

for distributors and multibranch business chains.

Order processing, Inventory, Accounting, POS, Service, Payroll, manufacturing and VAN sales.
Supports windows and web.

Why Codex ERP

Introducing Codex ERP – where the simplicity of a desktop application meets the flexibility and power of a cloud-based solution. Designed with a focus on operational ease, Codex ERP offers a comprehensive suite of modules, including Inventory, Accounts, Service, Payroll, Fixed Asset, Cost Center, and production.

Tailored for the unique needs of multi-branch business chains, it's a game-changer for distributors, VAN sales, FMCG distributors, and businesses with diverse operational branches.

Codex ERP, launched in 2013, has stood the test of time, delivering reliability and efficiency to businesses across various industries. Serving as a credible alternative to Tally ERP, Codex ERP goes a step further by supporting seamless migration from Tally.

The web module ensures accessibility from any platform, be it Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, or MAC, providing unparalleled convenience and connectivity. Experience the future of ERP with Codex – where simplicity meets sophistication.

    Masters are common to all branches, so minimum chances of duplicate entries like item, accounts etc. Not only that, master entry rights can be limited to certain users.
    If you have a multibranch business, you would have already experienced the complications of doing multi branch entries. But in Codex ERP we made all those entries very easy. You can pass the entries from the source branch, no need to pass reverse journal in the target branch.
    Codex ERP has 3 level security. Machine authentication, branch access rights and data entry/edit security. 
    User wise and date wise transaction lock. Can control which user can do what and when.

Modules available in Codex ERP

Quotation and orders 

Quotation, Purchase order, Sales order, Order taking using mobile app.

Inventory and Billing

Delivery note, Receipt note, Sales, Purchase, Sales return, Purchase return, Stock Journal, Stock transfer, Consumption, Physical stock correction. 


Service call registration, Item receipt with printout, Task management, service call transfer between branches, activity notes, service call outsource, bills 


Supports Payment, Receipt, Expense Income, Contra, Debit note, Credit note, Journal, Fund transfer vouchers. Bank reconciliation. Reports up to balance sheet. FIFO value analysis


Attendance, Leave, Late cut, Loan, Salary Advance, Salary, Provident Fund. E.S.I. 

Fixed Asset

Fixed asset register, Document handling, Reminder handling, Expense against fixed asset, Consumption against fixed asset. Fixed asset transfer. Depreciation. 

VAN Sales

Do the billing, order collection and receipt collection using your mobile phone. Give prints using blue tooth printer. Acknowledge the receipt immediately with SMS. 


GST reports
Single click e-invoice generation.
e-way bill generation. 


Manage your production.
Manage BOM
Track multi stage production

Credit Management

Credit limit management
Overdue bill blocking
Credit days management

Barcode Management

Manage your barcode.
Supports barcode generation and barcode print. 

Cloud Backup

Your data is safe with us. The data is backed in  3 different continents.


At our organization, we understand that each customer's needs are unique. That's why we offer a range of licensing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether you're interested in a single license or require multiple licenses for your team, we have pricing plans designed to fit your budget. Additionally, we offer special discounts for bulk license purchases. For personalized pricing information and to explore our special rates, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal licensing solution for your organization.

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Our team

Mr. Anoop Rajan
Co-founder and Director for sales and marketing
Mr. Sathish Kumar
Co-founder and Director for IT and HR  
Ms. Radhika Jayakumar
Head - Customer Support

What Our Fantastic customers Say

"Codex ERP has revolutionized our business operations, providing seamless integration, real-time insights, and unparalleled efficiency. Thanks to Codex ERP, we've experienced a transformative shift in managing our finances, optimizing inventory, and enhancing overall collaboration across our organization."

Mr. Reji
Roditte Systems 
and Waves Technologies
(All across Kerala)

"At Ctech, Codex ERP has been a game-changer in managing our multiple branches seamlessly. The system's advanced capabilities not only enable efficient inter-branch coordination but also empower us to swiftly respond to stock queries from our partners, ensuring a smoother and more responsive supply chain management."

Mr. Jubair
Ctech distributors llp
(All across Kerala)

"Sysmantech's transition to Codex ERP marked a pivotal moment in our business. The shift has exponentially improved our operational speed and efficiency, streamlining processes and providing real-time insights that empower us to make faster, more informed decisions."

Mr. Rajesh
Sysmantech & MTech
(All across Kerala)
Desktop APP for Windows

User name: Admin
Password: 1234

For Smartphone and browsers 

Use Codex ERP from your smartphone. 

Feature List

Download feature list of Codex ERP


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